Ok so that right there at the centre, that’s the nucleus, that’s a soul. And soul’s are far more common than you’d think, souls are everywhere. Tiny beyond imagining,  surrounding us in every direction. 

And that glowing stuff around it, that’s memory. Made up of raw aether you might call it, the base substance of the universe. Spacetime as it’s known by some. Shaped by everything the soul experiences, wrapped up and made solid. And nothing shapes experience faster or more thoroughly than the human brain. 

Like rocks, rocks don’t shape experience very quickly. They just kinda sit there all day, not much happens. But humans, humans do all kinds of stuff. I mean insects and plants… sharks? They all do stuff too. Everything does something, but nothing does more than humans. 

Brain wise I mean, physically we’re kind of lazy. But we all love to think and process. To stop, sit and consider the world around us. To feel and then wonder why. To ask the questions and make the connections to shape and alter the world to our suiting.

People talk about all the things we should and cannot change all day long, but they also talk about how. And what would happen after. This is what our brains do. A furnace always burning. Constantly changing and reshaping in order to find the optimal course.

Yes there are things we cannot change and that’s never stopped us from trying. I think the most important thing is to allow a brain to figure itself out as much as it can. It’s all memory, recollection, matter in the shape of things that have happened. We know about events that occurred billions of years ago because of the shape of things. 

This is why a human mind is more valuable than anything in the known universe. Because it holds experience better than anything else. The cause and purpose of these machines are undefined. Their function is without question.


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