Transgender Links

When I began to take my gender identity seriously I read pretty much everything I could find on the subject. Over time I began to collect a number of links that I felt were relevant to the subject. My goal was to be as objective as possible, that meant taking the good with the bad. I read everything from scientific papers, to news articles, to personal blogs. I forced myself to read things that I didn’t agree with or that I found to be outright offensive. I tried to collect everything that I felt was relevant to the subject, and I don’t necessarily like everything I’ve collected. Here is the current list, which I still add to periodically though I make no promises to update the list on my blog. Some of it is definite trigger warning. 

Transgender Links

These first few links I feel present a fairly solid case that gender identity and gender non conformity do in fact have a biological basis, and that affirmation really is the best practice.

Video of Stanford Professor detailing basic science of transgenderism

Article detailing physical differences in the brain

Article detailing neurological connectivity via MRI

Article on a study indicating children show consistent understanding of gender identity

Article detailing positive effects of gender affirmation

Another article, separate study, detailing positive effects of gender affirmation

Article detailing failed attempts to deliberately assign a gender

Full List

Science Daily report article review synopsis

Statistics on bathroom assaults

Blogger on biological basis for transgender

The biological basis for transgender – part one

Researches change sexual behavior of mice

Study on brain connectivity of transgenderism

Studies find neurological basis for transgenderism


Grey matter study

Imaging the transgendered brain

Another article on a study

Youtube video the gender map

Study validating the concept of gender identity

Report on a study that proves a neurological basis for gender

Forcing Kids To Stick To Gender Roles Can Actually Be Harmful To Their Health | ThinkProgress

Clinging to a dangerous past: Dr Paul McHugh’s selective reading of transgender medical literature | The TransAdvocate

Further reading on the subject of de transition,0

Myths About Transition Regrets

Crossfit’s “scientific” refusal to allow Chloie Jönnson to compete in women’s division not actually supported by science | The TransAdvocate

Study that is able to test gender identity with 74% accuracy, old study, 2006, the 74% accuracy is misleading

Counter point, a man who de-transitioned and says transgenderism is a delusion. He also suffered abuse as a child and was coerced into wearing girls clothes by his grandmother.

Study finds that strong support from family and friends greatly reduces risk of self harm and suicide in transgender youth

from article

This more or less sums up my opinion on people who invoke the name of our lord in order to justify persecution

Article on a study about transgender kids and gender identity 2009 study on the effectiveness of conversion attempts

An interesting HuffPost blog about the inherent misogyny of conversion therapies

An article exploring the genetics of gender diversity

A trans guy’s perspective on male privilege

Various studies on transition regret

More random links

Networks of the brain reflect individual gender identity


White matter microstructure in female to male

Causes of gender dysphoria


Article from Huffington Post linking a number of studies

Trans science project

Trans science project addressing a misrepresentation of their work

An article addressing allegations that trans people are attempting to silence critics


Article on government restroom policy

Further evidence that chromosomes do not equal gender

Rethinking the Conservative Approach to Transgenderism

Transgender representation on television

Fact sheet on feminizing hormones

Feminising Hormone Information | The Gender Centre Inc.

Resources for partners of trans people

Transitioning is effective in treating gender dysphoria

A theory on physiologically based gender identity

Personal account of a black trans woman abused by the system

View at

Examining the history of sexual identity theory

Interview with a trans pilot

Counterpoints to anti trans rhetoric

Study on pre-natal deprivation of hormones on ferrets

Sex differences in the brain

2011 Swedish Study Explained

Myths About Gender Affirmation Surgery

A researcher who suggests chimerism could account for transgenderism and homosexuality

Study on neurological differences between male and female, no single trait is consistent among genders, strong indication that gender does indeed exist as a mosaic

Same study, different article

This is an excerpt which I quite like:

Sex/gender differences in the brain are of high social interest because their presence is typically assumed to prove that humans belong to two distinct categories not only in terms of their genitalia, and thus justify differential treatment of males and females. Here we show that, although there are sex/gender differences in brain and behavior, humans and human brains are comprised of unique “mosaics” of features, some more common in females compared with males, some more common in males compared with females, and some common in both females and males. Our results demonstrate that regardless of the cause of observed sex/gender differences in brain and behavior (nature or nurture), human brains cannot be categorized into two distinct classes: male brain/female brain.

2008 Study showing a genetic link to transgenderism

Video on transsexualism in the brain

A history of the medical understanding of transgenderism

How to Love Being a Non-Passing Trans Woman in 9 Affirming Steps via @evrydayfeminism

Trans Science Project

Notes on Gender Role Transition – a report from 2001

15 studies that indicate a biological basis for gender identity

An article detailing the psychological and medical understanding of transgenderism over the years

Media Matters reporting on the myth that trans inclusive washroom policies might be problematic


Unrelated to trans issues per se but interesting none the less

Y chromosome apparently not necessary to create fertile male mice

It’s funny, cis exclusionary pundits say gender isn’t a choice. Yet here we have a dysphoric exclusionary pundit saying otherwise.

Hormones and brain development

An article on shame.

An article detailing why it’s difficult to nail down gender differences in the brain

An article on gender agnosticism. I like it 🙂

Do’s and don’ts of coming out

Deconstructing Autogynephilia

Study finds positive effects of transition care in teenagers

Bruce Springsteen defending Trans rights

A thorough taking down of Kenneth Zucker

A number of links for various studies

An article on the biological basis for gender identity

Lies and misrepresentation of bathroom issues

We just need to pee

4 Trans Affirmations

An account of a de transition

Why are Trans women concerned with appearance? Why go through surgery and do everything possible to fit within the feminine binary? This is why.

This may be a repeat, but it’s another article saying how the gender binary is a social construct, whereas biology is in fact much more complicated

Examples of transgenderism in nature

An article that effectively covers the key points that establish a biological basis for gender identity

Transgender Kids Show Consistent Gender Identity Across Measures

Transgender Children Supported in their Identities Show Positive Mental Health

On Autogynephilia

on desistance, a detailed article that suggests about 2/3 of dysphoric and gender non conforming kids will grow up to identify as cis

Counterpoint to the above

View at

Mother’s Day Piece

A thorough debunking of a recent trans-exclusionary article

The history of stigmatizing minorities through bathrooms

Injustice at Every Turn, a report on the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

Textbook Bigotry. I include this article because it is a surprisingly comprehensive breakdown of how bigotry presents itself. Rationalization, dismissal, accusations of over sensitivity and insinuated threats of violence. 

A follow up piece on the anti PC U of T professor

Violence towards trans women is very real

Detailing mental and medical health issues faced by the trans community

A Conservative Defense of Transgender Rights


3 thoughts on “Transgender Links

  1. Not sure if youre actually a Gemini, or its just the name of your blog. But you completely remind me of me when it comes to this topic. Im a gemini, and I basically forced myself to consume anything and everything I can about this topic. From conservative blogs, to religious nutcase blogs, to Illuminati transgender agenda videos, etc etc etc. I NEED a balanced perspective before I make any life altering decision. And this here is the motherload! Got some reading to do! Thanks lady!


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