The other side of the coin

So in my last entry I talked about wanting to hear the opinion of people who had transitioned, realized they were not actually trans, but decided to stay. Just the other day I came across such an perspective, trigger warning to be sure. Another note is that the article itself is published by the Advocate and very clearly biased against the individuals in question.,0

The primary subject of the article is a self described ex-trans, AFAB. The article uses male pronouns to describe them. This person expresses a great deal of ire towards doctors and mental health professionals who encourage or otherwise support transition, and claims they are financially motivated. I must admit I feel genuine sympathy for this individual, though their anger is misplaced. They do raise a very valid concern when it comes to transgender children.

As a person who felt from a very young age that I was female I fully believe it is possible for a child to know their own identity. I also know that not everyone who believes they are trans actually are. It’s a complex thing, and I think the best way to deal with it is to simply let a person figure it out for themselves without any kind of coercion one way or the other. For much of human history the stigma was so intense that the only people who transitioned were those that felt incredibly certain about their true identity. 

The reality is there are at least a few people who transition at a young age go on to realize it was a mistake later in life. It happens now, and as people become more comfortable with transition it’s going to happen more often. Personally I feel that puberty blockers represent the least harmful solution to this dilemma. When to start actual HRT is a question beyond me, 14-16 maybe, depending on the individual. Surgery really should be an over 18 thing, painful as that may seem, and again every individual is different. If a person really wants surgery at a younger age well… yet again the question is beyond me, but I would advise against it. 

And to those who say that parents who support their transgender children are committing child abuse… eff right the eff off


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