Find Good People 

There’s no sure way forward. In fact even the plausible ways appear daunting. But I’m feeling better now than I have in a while, and a big part of that is getting out and interacting. Of course right this moment I’m at home by myself with the music playing, at least I’m writing. And I have coffee.. and ice cream 😀  It is in fact coffee ice cream! …

Last night I attended the monthly church group I’ve been going to and it was one of the best times I’ve had in ages. The group is diverse and very friendly, we did a photo scavenger hunt. It was a total blast and I am about to go into detail, in case you want out now. 

The night started with me chatting up a very friendly person, recently out of the closet and eager to tell their story. We spoke for a bit as others trickled in and after a few minutes the host announced the plan for the evening, the second annual photo scavenger hunt, we were divided into three groups, four in my group, three in the other two. With me was my new friend, a person I had met a few weeks before and a person I met just then. 

The evening was warm, clear sky and slightly humid. We trekked through the neighborhood, searching for the myriad items on the list. By the end we were two shy of the total. One shy if you count the one we submitted that was on the phone before 😀 … They didn’t count that one. 

Over the course of an hour the four of us went from one end of the neighborhood to the other, with smiles on our faces the entire time. We had to find an affirming business, and we were told by one of the hosts there was only one, though by the end of the evening we identified at least three. One such business was a local candy store, the woman who ran it was very kind and helpful, we were able to check off four items from that store alone.

One of the entries required a video of us singing to a group for 5-10 seconds. We sang ‘you are my sunshine’ to a cheerful group of young people who were happy to help us, and seemed to have as much fun with it as we did. At one point I ran into a good work friend who had yet to see me post transition, they didn’t recognize me at first but were ecstatic when they realized who I was.

After it was done we met back up at the church where the hosts had put together a slideshow of everyone’s submissions. There were some great pictures, we all laughed and told jokes as we watched through them. It felt pretty great to be out and accepted, afterwards people lingered and talked, I had a few wonderful conversations with some really awesome people. It’s made a world of difference, and I find myself wishing they met more than once a month. As I was walking out I decided I wanted to get more involved at the church. I’ve emailed the host about putting me in touch with their volunteer coordinators. 

I would like to say thank you to Cherokee Doll for including me in the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ It means a lot to be thought of 😀

And since I haven’t been doing as much writing as I maybe should, I present in penance this mostly random doodle, stare at it, and seek to find meaning in the meaningless. 



3 thoughts on “Find Good People 

  1. Getting out of the house and out of my head space sometimes, hard as it is for me, does often help. I am still scared to death to attend the transgender support group meetings at the LA LGBT center though. lol.

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