Trigger Waring – More Joshua “Leelah” Alcorn

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When one writes a blog that is read by two people daily, one has to wonder what the point is of repeating oneself in hopes that somebody will listen and take notice.  Here we go again.  The AP has released a story saying that the death of Joshua (“Leelah”) Alcorn, the “transgender” teen, was ruled a suicide.  Well, duh.  This isn’t really news, but the AP just wants to hammer on the “transgender” message again.    I wrote about Mr. Alcorn in some of my earlier posts (here and here).

The AP story consistently refers to Mr. Alcorn by feminine pronouns (“she” and “her”) in their story.  OK, let’s try this again.

Joshua Alcorn was a male.  He was a male the day he was born, and a male the day he died.  This is a fact.  It is an indisputable fact.  An objective fact.  It is simple reality…

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7 thoughts on “Trigger Waring – More Joshua “Leelah” Alcorn

  1. Just a thought, you might want to throw a content warning on stuff like this if you’re going to reblog it. I started reading it in my feed without a clear idea what I was getting into. Don’t worry, I wasn’t really upset by it any more than any decent person, but this sort of transphobia could really trigger some people.

    Thanks for the article link though. I haven’t had access to a proxy lately and its nice to see an article on trans neuroscience that isn’t pay-gated.

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    1. That’s a very good point, thanks for the heads up. To be honest I feel a bit silly, my intention had been to simply reply. I didn’t notice that they had disabled comments until after I had reposted :D… awkward. But it’s out there and I stand by it. I will add the trigger warning though 🙂

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  2. This guy is a monumental… I am too ladylike to say what. He is so full if hate I actually pity him. And I pity very few people. Pity is a horrible emotion. I wish him happiness and renewed faith in humanity. Clearly he has lost something if his own somewhere along the way.

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