Trigger Waring – More Joshua “Leelah” Alcorn


7 thoughts on “Trigger Waring – More Joshua “Leelah” Alcorn

  1. Just a thought, you might want to throw a content warning on stuff like this if you’re going to reblog it. I started reading it in my feed without a clear idea what I was getting into. Don’t worry, I wasn’t really upset by it any more than any decent person, but this sort of transphobia could really trigger some people.

    Thanks for the article link though. I haven’t had access to a proxy lately and its nice to see an article on trans neuroscience that isn’t pay-gated.

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    1. That’s a very good point, thanks for the heads up. To be honest I feel a bit silly, my intention had been to simply reply. I didn’t notice that they had disabled comments until after I had reposted :D… awkward. But it’s out there and I stand by it. I will add the trigger warning though 🙂

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  2. This guy is a monumental… I am too ladylike to say what. He is so full if hate I actually pity him. And I pity very few people. Pity is a horrible emotion. I wish him happiness and renewed faith in humanity. Clearly he has lost something if his own somewhere along the way.

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