The Bad Samaritan Law

The new legislation in Indiana is offensive to me. Granted I am offended as a member of the LGBTQIA(etc…) community, but even more so I am offended as a christian. This is the literal opposite of what Jesus was trying to tell us. In the allegory of the good Samaritan we are taught to help people who need it, even if they are our enemy. This is something I see as fundamental to christian ideology. If a person wants to be judicious regarding their clientele I can respect that on some level, but this person has no business calling themselves a follower of Christ.


2 thoughts on “The Bad Samaritan Law

  1. Personally, I think that if your religious convictions require you to oppress a minority group … your religious convictions have no business in a civil society! I’m so mad at my home state right now. I grew up here, and this is the most unwelcome I’ve ever felt.

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  2. I Believe that the law in Indiana has been purposely misrepresented. The law does not give anyone the right to discriminate against any group. But it does give the business owner the right to not have his business associates with something that may go against their religious convictions. If I have a restaurant and a homosexual couple comes into my restaurant to eat , they are welcome to do so. However if they ask me to host a reception for their wedding I have the right to say no. As a business owner I am not discriminating against anyone. I just choose not to have my business associated with a ceremony that I feel is morally wrong and goes against my beliefs.


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