To the people of Florida,

You’re going to realize just how absurd this proposed bathroom law is the first time a guy gets arrested in a woman’s washroom claiming he’s FTM. The reality is that if this law goes into effect it will become commonplace for people presenting one gender to walk into the other’s stall. I find it odd that people who are uncomfortable with trans folk seem to prefer this scenario.  


2 thoughts on “To the people of Florida,

  1. Oh thank God. I’m not the only transgender who thinks the whole business is silly!

    Ok, here’s the thing. I HAVE been in the Ladies’ Room. Multiple times. Sometimes with a lady who can guard the door and make sure I am in it alone, but not always. I’ve never had a problem, but I know that’s not the case with everyone.

    Thing is, was I going to go in the Mens’ Room dressed like that???? HELL, no! Way way way WAY too dangerous a proposition!

    If you can find a “family restroom” that is best, but you know, all they have in Ladies’ Rooms is a lot of stalls. Nobody is running around naked in there. If you are likely to see someone’s private parts in a Restroom, the place where that is likely is the Mens’ Room. And guess what – there are plenty of male pervs out there who like looking at little boys – so you are not safe in public restrooms whether they are gender inclusive or not.

    But the other side of that is this … why in the world does the TG community seem to want to hang their hats on THIS issue? Really? We want to make bathrooms our priority? This is how we want to announce our presence to the world? Sorry, I’m not in it.


    1. The legislation bothers me because it is overtly transphobic, as in objectively, unambiguously targeting us for no reason other than fear. It protects no one except, ironically the entirely fictional predator. It’s also inherently self defeating, the inevitable problems could actually spark some positive change. Of course among those problems is the fact that some innocent people are probably going to lose their life in a bathroom stall, and incidents of assault are all but guaranteed.


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