Girls night out

I recently went to a gay bar for the first time, and the absolute best part about it was that no one gave me a second look. A heads up the following post is going to be fairly vapid and light hearted because that’s where I’m at right now. A lot of the trans news and blogs I read tend to be, for lack of a better word depressing. With good reason I’ll grant you but there are some sincere positives to transition, and one of those is that I’m starting to actually live my life. 

So first the preamble. My very good friend, who will be referred to as Matron, booked us a makeover with a woman who we both used to work with, and is now a professional makeup artist. We will call this makeup artist Summer. The evening began with Matron and I making a trip to the mall to buy outfits. One of the nice things about transitioning in your thirties is that funds aren’t as much of an issue. The downside to that is that I may be turning into a shop-aholic, up until about two months ago my entire wardrobe came from either Walmart or places that cater to comic and video game enthusiasts. 

Going out en femme is infinitely easier with a friend. As I mentioned in my previous post the last time I went to the mall I was too scared to enter any of the shops. Matron provided a calm and steady hand, the store staff turned out to be very friendly and supportive as well. We put together a few items then rushed home in time to be only fifteen minutes late for the appointment. Summer was also running a bit behind and didn’t have to wait too long for us. 

Before starting we cracked open a few Strongbows, for the unfamiliar Strongbow is an apple cider and quite delicious. I was never a fan of alcohol, primarily because I would only allow myself the gross stuff. Like shopping, so called girlie drinks are something that I have been seriously missing out on, but more on that later. With whistles wet we got to work, ok Summer got to work and I sat there trying to contain my giddiness.  

I’ve been working diligently on my rudimentary makeup skills, and I have to say Summers kit absolutely blew my mind. My makeup kit is a tiny pouch that weighs well under a pound, while Summer is geared up like something out of a spy movie. The line of brushes stretched the length of the table, there were dozens of tubes and plastic cases in more colors than I knew existed. When she was done the result literally took my breath away, as in I looked in the mirror then a few moments later realized there was no air in my lungs. It was a bit of a moment for me. 

Summer then worked on Matron and when it wall all done we decided we looked too good to simply lounge around the apartment. Matron suggested the local gay bar, I was absolutely thrilled at the prospect. Summer lamented that she couldn’t join us because she had to work, but was kind enough to offer a ride. Matron and I stopped for a bite to eat before heading to the club, the server kept giving the strangest look but I didn’t care at all, I felt fabulous. 

When we got to the bar the doors were locked and there was a note on the door saying it was closed. My heart sank, but only for a moment because the note went on to say that even though the main level was closed there was karaoke in the basement. For me this couldn’t have been better news. The place was practically deserted, when we entered there were two other patrons besides Matron and I. The manager was super cool to us, he listened to my story and told me his. Matron introduced me to cosmopolitans, which may be the single most dangerous thing I have yet to encounter on this planet. 

With drinks in hand the manager gave us a personal tour of the place, it’s really nice and I look forward to going back when things are a bit livelier. In this instance the lack of patrons was a godsend, I tried singing with my female voice and absolutely butchered “Part of that world” from little mermaid, before falling back on my favorite boy songs. As the night progressed a few more patrons shuffled in, not one of them cared one whit what I looked like, it was absolutely glorious. 

For possibly the first time in my life I was just me, as myself, in a public place without a shred of self consciousness. I sipped my delicious drink while belting out my favorite songs and felt completely at peace. Too bad I had a flight to catch the next day, Matron and I left shortly after midnight, I got home with maybe an hour to pack before heading out he door, tipsy and sleep deprived, to catch a cab to the airport. I’ll be home in about a weeks time and I’m seriously looking forward to going back. 


2 thoughts on “Girls night out

  1. Karaoke in the basement, almost sounds like a bar here in Savannah.

    Anyhow, the article wasn’t vapid; it was simply you relating your evening to the readers. Lacking perspective, I don’t see where any of us would dare suggest it was vapid. I also think you are learning to appreciate life from the feminine perspective, which gives you a different context in which to look at things.

    I think often TG folk get wrapped up in the emotional aspects of who they are and the fight to get to where they are. But at some point, one has to let that go, and simply live life a bit, and reflect on the new positives that lay before you. I think you are doing an excellent job at that.

    Ever & Always,
    Caden Lane


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